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Community Relations


Get Involved in your local
community in the fight to End
NF. Click here to learn  more.

Our Heroes


Our Heroes inspire, challenge,
and drive us. Read their stories
to see why we do, what we do.

What's in the Pipeline

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Check the progress and status of potential NF drugs and get details on clinical trials. Learn more here.

For Researchers


Collaboration is key. Click here
to learn about new grants,
meetings, conferences, and

NF Walk

The Children's Tumor Foundation Walking for Research is a fun-filled event in which sponsored individuals walk a designated distance around a park or track. Walk events are held in cities across the United States each summer and fall.

New NFW Badge 2015 SuperCircle

For more information or questions about the Super Circle Recognition Program, please contact us at nfwalk@ctf.org


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Social media is a great way to spread the word that you are participating in an NF Walk, generate donations, and keep your friends and family up to date on your fundraising progress.

• USE HASHTAGS: Be sure to include #EndNF#NFWalk@childrenstumor and @nfwalk, as appropriate for each platform. These hashtags will help amplify the larger conversations happening around the country about NF Walk events.

• SUGGESTED POSTS: Below is a list of suggested posts to help you spread the word about the important work you are doing to help end NF. Share photos of you, your team, and your NF Hero, and tell the world why you walk. 

1. I'm kicking off my fundraising efforts for the (City) NF Walk! Please support this important cause! 
2. Did you know that one in 3,000 people have NF, a genetic disorder that can cause tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body? Donate today and help #EndNF! 
3. An NF Walk brings together individuals and families living with NF to find support, amplify awareness and raise critical funds for NF research. Help me as I walk to #EndNF by donating today. 
4. I’m raising funds to find treatments and a cure for NF! Please support my fundraising efforts today! 
5. I’m raising funds for the (City) NF Walk in honor of my NF Hero {insert personal story}. Support me today! 
6. I’m halfway to my goal of $XX! Don’t miss your chance to support me as I walk to #EndNF. Donate now! 
7. I’m excited to participate in the (City) NF Walk and 5K, but I need YOUR help. Please contribute to my fundraising effort. 
8. I’m working hard to reach my fundraising goal of $XXX for the (City) NF Walk. Donate today and help me #EndNF! 
9. I’m raising funds to help #EndNF! Currently there is no cure, nor are there effective treatments for NF. Please support my fundraising efforts today! 
10. Have $5 in your pocket? Every little bit helps in the fight to #EndNF. Donate now. 

• SHARE YOUR FUNDRAISING LINK: Don’t forget to include your personal fundraising website link!

• GIVE THANKS: Thank donors by tagging them in posts and tweets. This public recognition shows them how thankful you are and encourages others to donate as well.


Facebook is the largest social network where you can reach people you might not be able to through email. Like and post on the NF Walk Facebook page at www.facebook.com/nfwalk, but be sure to also post on your own Facebook page to add a personal touch, share with friends and family, and reach more people in your community. Don't forget to include a link to your personal page.

CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE AND COVER PHOTOS: Make your cause front and center by changing your profile picture and cover photo. You can use our customized CTF badges and cover photos at the bottom of this page.


You have 140 characters to use to tweet about your NF Walk.

• Tweet about your participation in the event.
• Tweet your fundraising status.
• Post your unique URL and encourage your Twitter followers to donate.
• Tweet @NFWalk and retweet posts about the NF Walk you're attending. 


• Post photos of your event last year to pump up excitement for this year's walk
• Post pictures of your hero
• Tag @childrenstumor and @nfwalk, and use hashtags

Contact Us

Children's Tumor Foundation
120 Wall Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10005-3904

Phone: 212-344-6633